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Intermediate Tumbling - Ability Based

Intermediate Tumbling - Ability Based - For ages All ages - Ability based

1.5 Hour Intermediate tumbling class for boys and girls

Who is this class for?

This class is for boys and girls looking to solely train the somersaulting, jumping and twisting part of gymnastics. This class trains solely on floor, tracks and mini-trampolines. This class doesn't train on bars, beam or vault.

What happens in this class?

In this class we teach the more advanced tumbling skills using all equipment. This is a great way for the gymnast to continue having fun but be able to spend more time working towards the advanced tumbling skills. The tumbling gymnasts in this class aim towards learning roundoff flics, front somersaults, back somersaults and front handsprings.

How long is the class?

This class is 90 minutes long

Who is this class for?

This class is invite only as a progression route for our intermediate level artistic gymnasts and our beginner tumblers. If you're joining from another gym, please join the waiting list so we can call you and discuss the best class.